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Can you legally grow your own pot? Yes – but no. At least for now. Here’s why – National

One of the questions Parliament struggled with was whether Canadians should be allowed to grow their own marijuana. Should there be a one-metre height limit on plants? That was rejected as impractical. Should provinces be allowed to ban home grows? (Ottawa said no; Manitoba and Quebec disagree; a judge will probably have to settle the issue sooner or later.) READ MORE:  Smelly, […]

Long lineups, marijuana smoke from Quebec pot stores hamper neighbouring businesses – Montreal

The long lineups outside of the Société québécoise du cannabis stores (SQDC) have become a problem for neighbouring businesses. Tutti Va Bene, a store at the corner of Mansfield and Ste-Catherine streets, has even resorted to installing stanchions to create a path to their doorway. Allan Landry, a salesman at the store, says that having their […]

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